Sydney Johnson

Sydney’s PowerWheels Wild Thing

Sydney Johnson is a 7-year-old girl with cerebral palsy and epilepsy. She is a rising 2nd-grade student at Ford Elementary and lives in Acworth with her parents, Haley and Jeremy. Syd is a typical little girl in many ways? she loves LOL Surprise dolls, babies, shopping, YouTube, and Taco Mac? but she has very atypical ways of accessing her environment due to her physical disabilities. She has very limited use of her left hand, so toys and tasks that require the use of both hands are nearly impossible for her to use. Syd uses a power wheelchair and a gait trainer for mobility, and she uses a speech generating device to communicate. While these devices open many doors for her, they also have limitations. An adapted PowerWheels Wild Thing would give Syd the gift of independent play and mobility outdoors on a variety of terrains, and it will give her a taste of the freedom to play her peers enjoy.