Jacob Donley

Jacob’s PowerWheels Wild Thing

Jacob Donley is a 17-year-old boy with Trisomy 9. A rare chromosomal disorder. His physical and mental development is severely delayed. He is nonverbal but tries to communicate and often squeals in delight when engaged with others. He is able to ambulate short distances on his own but fatigues quickly due to respiratory complications. He is not aware of objects on the ground so will trip over them instead of stepping over. He has no safety awareness so has to be watched closely. He loves “adventure” like climbing, riding in a wagon, in a wheelbarrow,… anything that moves.

His parents are hoping that the modified PowerWheels will allow him to engage with the other children. Interaction with other children is something he loves. In February, her sister, Savannah, with the same diagnosis, passed away at the age of 23.