Ari Moss

Ari’s Adaptive PowerWheels Wild Thing

Ari Moss

Ari Moss is an eight-year-old little girl with a genetic disorder best described as a neurological movement disorder and has never had a vehicle like this to help her navigate her world with such ease and enjoyment! She needs a one-handed control for coordination and a proper buckling system for safety measures. She also requires parental controls as she has no concept of danger.

Custom Seats for a Tall Rider

Ari is a tall girl so Firestorm Robotics made this Go Baby Go adaptive ride just for her. We mounted a booster seat with a 5-point seat belt to give her extra leg room. We raised the seat a few inches and pushed it as far back as we could to maintain the center of gravity. 

Parental Override Remote

We also added an always-on remote for convenience. When her mom, April moves the joystick on the remote, the remote takes over. When she releases the joystick, control goes back to Ari.

Made With Love by Firestorm Robotics

The rides we make are not the typical Go Baby Go mods from other chapters. They take a bit more time, money and research to complete but at the end of the day, we want to give Ari a ride that we would love to have for ourselves if we were her age.

Our Firestorm Engineers: Andrew Cua, Justin Monzon, Charles Meyer, Ascher Shostak, Harrison Forsythe, Romano Zaccagnino, Savannah O’Brien, Sean O’Brien, Mason Belleza, Tyler Clarke and Andrew Craig.

Cole Galloway
Cole Galloway@UDGoBabyGo
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Posted your story - simply wonderful - know you’re super proud of the kids but wanted to say how proud I am of you and your leadership/passion ❣️❣️

About Interact FIRST Alliance

Interact FIRST Alliance is a coalition of FIRST Robotics Teams that are Interact Clubs. Through the Go Baby Go initiative, we build adaptive rides for kids with disabilities. Our service projects enable teams to learn technical skills while developing empathy. Our STEM learning platform gives our team robotics experience and the components we use go to a good cause instead of being discarded at the end of a training session.

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