How Do We Apply?

  • Follow the Interact FIRST Alliance Facebook Page.
  • Join the Interact FIRST Explorers Facebook Group to get status updates.
  • Fill up the Ride-on Car Application. The form is long but the information you provide helps us during the design and build process.
  • One of our alliance members will reach out to you to schedule an in-person meeting to go through the details and requirements.
  • Complete the required waivers and have them with you when you come.

Funding Requirements

The ride-on cars are always free to families that help us with raising funds for their project.

A project like this requires mechanical and programming skills and it is the perfect platform for robotics teams to learn STEM+Empathy through community service. When you friends donate to your cause, remind them they are helping both your child and the robotics members that do the modifications.

We use Facebook Fundraisers for most of our campaigns. 

Tell Us Your Story

A good story is essential to a successful fundraiser. It doesn’t need to be long but you need to describe your child’s condition and the impact this project will have on him/her. Include a couple of pictures and a short video.